Hal Cain, Ph.D., CRC

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Welcome to my Rehabilitation and Disability Counselling Services website. On this site you will find information about me, my services, and other useful tidbits.

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Hal M. Cain, Ph.D., CRC


The mission of this practice is to provide quality, evidence-based professional counselling, consultation, and educational services that lead to enhancement of the lives of persons with disabilities.


Everyone has a right to explore opportunities and choose a direction that can lead to achieving a strong self-image and satisfying lifestyle. Individuals with disabilities occasionally run into obstacles that limit their options and their ability to make choices. Sometimes these obstacles are linked to the individual — such as not recognizing or understanding personal needs and not knowing how to use resources. Sometimes these obstacles are related to the community or society — as in cases of discrimination, lack of resources, or poor accessibility. Often obstacles are a combination of individual and community issues.

People with disabilities need to be viewed as complete persons who have the same needs, rights and responsibilities as everyone else. Emotional and social development, career or vocational development, and the ability to be a part of the community are all important to being happy and successful.